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  • Hey are you guys still on business?

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  • Bello there, im wondering how is the process madre. Do i meet in the game with somone who passes me the nx or mesos?

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  • Fast

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  • Very fast delivery cheap meso trustable site!

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  • works fine and fast :)

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  • ACC: Accuracy, which can be increased with DEX, among other stats.
    Action Skill: Movements skills such as climbing, flying, etc.
    Active Skill: A skill that deals damage or grants buff effects temporarily.
    Attack Speed: Attack Speed has a base of 100 and determines how quickly you attack.
    Avoid: Increases your chances of avoiding attacks.
    Blackmarket: Regular in-game items with stats are sold in the Blackmarket.
    Critical: Critical attacks, which can be increased by LUK, do significantly higher damage than regular attacks
    Critical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from Critical hits by bosses and in PVP
    DEF: Increases your defense against physical attacks.
    DEX: Dexterity, the main stat for Archers. It is the secondary stat for Rogues
    EP: A separate stat that is used up when avoiding attacks or using things to move (e.g. wall climbing).
    HP: Also known as hit points or health points, when your HP reaches 0 you will die. When you die, a tombstone falls from the sky. If other players destroy this tombstone you can be revived once with a 15% HP debuff for 5 minutes.
    INT: Intelligence, the main stat for Magicians.
    LUK: Luck, the main stat for Rogues. It is the secondary stat for Magicians.
    M.DEF: Increases your defense against magical attacks.
    Magical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from magical attacks. It can be raised by INT.
    Marketplace: Wearable, or ‘NX’ items, are sold in the Marketplace.
    Noob: A noob is a beginner. Be mean and karma will one day return the favor with severe PvP pwnage. Befriend them and you’ll have a friend for life.
    Passive Skill: A skill which provides a permanent increase in stats.
    Physical Resistance: Reduces damage taken from physical attacks in addition to defense. It can be raised by STR and DEX.
    SP: Stamina Points are consumed when using skills and are fixed at 100 for any job or level. Some jobs have skills that restore SP, however, you are unable to regain SP using items.
    Speed: Your movement speed, default is 100 (150 speed is about 1.5x faster).
    STR: Strength, the main stat of Warriors. It is the secondary stats for Archers.

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